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CLIP: Brazil Reporter On Tucker Carlson Says “Military Back Bolsanaro” Concerning ProtestsNovember 30, 2022 Episode artwork DOJ Trump Probe • Arizona Fraud, Brazil Protest, & Ukraine Missile - Encouraging Patriot Reminder :D November 28, 2022 Episode artwork Disney’s Covid Vaccine War & Cultural Agendas - Finding Hope In The Darkness With Nick CaturanoNovember 19, 2022 Episode artwork Covid Lies & Big Pharma • Vaccine Detoxing & Leaving The Medical Establishment with Priscilla RomansNovember 18, 2022 Episode artwork Trump’s Announcement | Did He Say 2024? • Supreme Court Case & Biden!! We’ll Have To Wait & See …November 17, 2022 Episode artwork We Are Watching Optics • Military Movement & Trump’s Role - Connecting The Dots with Derek JohnsonNovember 13, 2022 Episode artwork The Midterms Part 2: A Few Key Takeaways • Watch The House & Senate | Desantis v. Trump ... WHAT??!?November 12, 2022 Episode artwork The Christian’s Task In Today’s World & Escaping The Matrix with Luke from Voice Of ReasonsNovember 10, 2022 Episode artwork The Midterms Part 1: Red Wave Was A Bust - Huge Voter Fraud •  We Still Had Some Good Wins Though :)November 09, 2022 Episode artwork Brazil’s Elections Were Just Stolen • What's This Mean For Us Tomorrow?? We'll Have To Wait & See!!!November 07, 2022 Episode artwork Remember Our POW’s - J6 Prisoners Are Still Suffering • A “Bloody Hill” with David SumrallNovember 03, 2022 Episode artwork Paul Pelosi Attack • What Really Happened - Does It Tie In To The DUI? Sounds Like Another Coverup!! October 31, 2022 Episode artwork Elon Musk, The Twitter Battle, Russia & Ukraine • Is It All Connected? … Very Much So!!!October 28, 2022 Episode artwork Red Wave, Blue Tsunami, Or Postponed Elections - What Will Happen? • Just Remain Calm!!!October 26, 2022 Episode artwork Semaphore … What Exactly Is It? Dark To Light, American Flags, & Use Of Numbers w/ Examples!!!October 24, 2022 Episode artwork Saudi Arabia May Be Joining BRICS • The Petrodollar & How This Will Affect US Economic Power!!October 19, 2022 Episode artwork Red October & Nuclear War • The Fear Is Real (The Threat, Not Real) - “Nukes” Are Needed, But Why?October 17, 2022 Episode artwork The World Is In Chaos … Or Is It? • “Our Journey Is Just Beginning” & The Best Is Yet To Come!!October 08, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Rich: Helping Your Body Tap Into Its Full Potential With NrF1 & NrF2 Synergizers!!June 23, 2022 Episode artwork KJ Struz: Your Cellular Health, ASEA Redox, Deep State Poisonings, & Some Patriot Conversations!!June 22, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Mark Sherwood: OK Primary Updates, Liberal Agendas, Roe V Wade, & The Future Of America!!June 13, 2022 Episode artwork CLIP: Jesse Waters Primetime ..."This Is A Psyops Game" - Distractions From Gas, Inflation, & etc.June 12, 2022 Episode artwork Current Updates • False Flags, Red Flags, & Psyops EVERYWHERE- Fog Of War, Go Enjoy Your Fav SitCom!June 01, 2022 Episode artwork Mikki Willis: Plandemic 3, Exposing The DS Agenda, & Birth Of A New Patriot Entertainment Industry!!May 30, 2022 Episode artwork CLIP: Tyrus On The Five “Troops On The Streets” To Clean Up Crime • More Fox News Red Pilling :)May 26, 2022 Episode artwork